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Quartz is a naturally occurring mineral composed of silicon dioxide (SiO2). In the ceramic industry, quartz is used as a raw material in the production of bodies and glazes. Its hardness and high chemical resistance make it an ideal component in the manufacture of durable and high-quality ceramics.

In ceramics, quartz provides a source of silica, which improves the mechanical strength, thermal resistance, and durability of the final product. Quartz is also used as a filler in ceramic bodies to control shrinkage and enhance the overall quality of the product. 

Additionally, quartz is a key ingredient in the production of translucent and opaque glazes, providing a glossy and hard surface finish to ceramics.

In conclusion, quartz is an essential component in the ceramic industry, and its unique properties make it a valuable ingredient in the production of high-quality ceramic products. Its versatility, hardness, and chemical resistance make it a popular choice among ceramic manufacturers, contributing to the durability and appearance of the final product.


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