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Silica Ramming Mass is a type of refractory material made from high-purity silica sand or quartz. In the ceramic industry, Silica Ramming Mass is used as a lining material in induction furnaces and electric arc furnaces. It is known for its high thermal stability and resistance to chemical attack, making it ideal for use in high-temperature environments.

Silica Ramming Mass is used in the production of ceramics to provide a protective layer against the high temperatures and corrosive elements present in the furnace. It is also used as a lining material in electric arc furnaces to prevent the contamination of the melt by the refractory lining. The high-purity silica content of Silica Ramming Mass ensures that it does not react with the melt, allowing for a clean and consistent production process.

In conclusion, Silica Ramming Mass is a crucial component in the ceramic industry, contributing to the production of high-quality ceramics by providing a stable and protective lining in the furnace. Its thermal stability, resistance to chemical attack, and high-purity silica content make it an essential material in the production of ceramics.


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